First Entry

Hi! so this is my first entry in my new Blog. This is going to be a fashion blog where i'll post my daily outfits, online shopping finds and news from my online clothing brand Unicorn|Division.
Today i'm talking about these two Unicorn|Division latest collection items. I was loving these fringed Kimonos for a long time, but i found them too expensive! the first photo on the left is from Asos and it's  80€, the second it's from Unif and it's about 100€ and the last one is from NastyGal but it's 135€ so me and my boyfriend thought about making a line of fringed kimonos for our brand too, and now finally we made it! You can buy this lovely Zebra Kimono at our facebook page.

The other item we decided to make was this cute yellow smiley shorts. I saw them at Nastygal but they were like 100€ and now they are sold out so we made our own and now we're selling them in ou facebook page as well. You can see this shorts in die antwoord's new video too! Yolandi is rokin' those.

I hope you like my first post <3

Unicorn|Division facebook Page:

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